Observations during a hail "storm" 7 June, 2002

Further Comments

- shaded areas on the graphs indicate when hail was observed.
- there was a problem with the connection between the server and the 
  station for a short time between 12:50 and 1:05 (approximately)
- the hail was mixed with rain and with slushy rain "drops".
- in the first event the hail was mostly less than 5 mm in diameter.
- in the second event the hail was larger, up to 8 mm in diameter 
  (I measured one).
- We were under a large cumulonimbus cloud.  There was clear sky to the 
  northeast and the southeast with other large cumulous clouds visible 
  in the distance.
- I noted that the hail caused damage to flowers and plants (petals and 
  leaves were knocked off of some plants).  
- The hail caused some gravel to be knocked off of the gravel/stucco wall 
  on the west side of my house.
- Just after one a nearby lightning strike set off the fire alarm here in
  the Ian Stewart Complex forcing us out into the hail and rain.

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