Warm Air Advection Event, 27 October 2003.

Further Comments

Well there is some debate about whether this was a warm front or just an advective warming. I'll list the classic warm front signs below. You can decide for yourself what this event was. Compare it to this event.

Characteristics of a Passing Warm Front

Before Passing While Passing After Passing
Winds south-southeast variable south-southwest
Temperature cool-cold, slow warming steady rise warmer, then steady
Pressure usually falling leveling off slight rise, followed by fall
Clouds in this order: Ci, Cs, As, Ns, St, and fog; occasionally Cb in summer stratus-type clearing with scattered Sc; occasionally Cb in summer
Precipitation light-to-moderate rain, snow, sleet, or drizzle drizzle or none usually none, sometimes light rain or showers
Visibility poor poor, but improving fair in haze
Dew Point steady rise steady rise, then steady

Here is the data.

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