Warm Front at Port Refrew 2013-01-08

Port Renfrew Temperature 2013-01-08

The temperature observed on 2013-01-08.

Port Renfrew wind speed 2013-01-08

The wind speed increased considerably coincident with the front.

Port Renfrew wind direction 2013-01-08

Wind direction at Port Renfrew.

Port Renfrew barometric pressure 2013-01-08

The barometric Pressure fell before the front, levelled off for a time and then rose slightly.

Port Renfrew cumulative rain total 2013-01-08

Port Renfrew cumulative rain total.

Port Renfrew rain rate 2013-01-08

Port Renfrew hourly rain rates.

Here's a movie of yesterday's interesting temperature jump on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The jump happens in the afternoon and early evening. The video shows the entire day. You can get to the video on our server as well.

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