Warm Front at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre on 2013-09-24

A very dramatic front passed over our station at Bamfield this morning. It was very intense and of relatively short duration.

Bamfield data overlain  2013-09-24

Several variables are overlain on this plot to show how sharp the changes were. Temperature is red and corresponds to the chart scale. Raintotal, barometric pressure and wind gust are blue and their scales are not shown.

Bamfield Temperature 2013-09-24

The temperature observed on 2013-09-24.

Bamfield wind speed 2013-09-24

The wind speed increased considerably and sharply coincident with the front.

Bamfield wind direction 2013-09-24

Sailors would call this a veering wind (during the event) since it appears to move clockwise if you are facing into it.

Bamfield barometric pressure 2013-09-24

The barometric Pressure fell before the front, levelled off for a time and then rose sharply before returning to it' previous level and continuing to fall.

Bamfield cumulative rain total 2013-09-24

Bamfield cumulative rain total. Lot's of rain right at the front.

Bamfield rain rate 2013-09-24

Bamfield hourly rain rates.

Here's a movie of yesterday's interesting temperature jump on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The jump happens in the morning. The video shows the entire day. You can get to the video on our server as well.

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