Warm Front at Gordon Head Middle School on 2014-02-12

A warm front passed over our station at Gordon Head Middle School this morning.

Wind southeast.
Temperature steady.   
Pressure falling.
Light rain.
Wind variable (along front winds), weaker   
Temperature rise.
Pressure "bump", levelling off.
Rain diminishing, stopping.
Wind southwest.
Warmer temperatures, steady(ish).
Pressure rising.
Light rain. 
GordonHead Temperature 2014-02-12

The temperature observed on 2014-02-12.

GordonHead wind speed 2014-02-12

The wind speed variable at the front.

GordonHead wind direction 2014-02-12

Wind direction variable at the front. Probably along front during the passage.

GordonHead barometric pressure 2014-02-12

The barometric Pressure.

Gordon Head cumulative rain total 2014-02-12

GordonHead cumulative rain total. Rain just before and at the front.

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