Temperature: 4.3 °C at Butchart Gardens Temperature: 4.3 °C at Lakewood Elementary School Temperature: 4.0 °C at Ruth King Elementary School Temperature: 3.2 °C at Wishart Elementary School Temperature: 4.2 °C at Savory Elementary School Temperature: 4.8 °C at Crystal View Elementary School Temperature: 4.8 °C at Strawberry Vale Elementary School Temperature: 5.6 °C at Macaulay Elementary School Temperature: 5.9 °C at Sir James Douglas Elementary School Temperature: 5.2 °C at Marigold Elementary School/Spectrum High School Temperature: 4.8 °C at Lake Hill Elementary School Temperature: 4.6 °C at Cloverdale Elementary School Temperature: 4.9 °C at Oaklands Elementary School Temperature: 4.7 °C at Doncaster Elementary School Temperature: 4.6 °C at Frank Hobbs Elementary School Temperature: 5.1 °C at Willows Elementary School Temperature: 4.2 °C at Torquay Elementary School Temperature: 5.1 °C at Monterey Middle School Temperature: 4.5 °C at Ian Stewart Complex/Mt. Douglas High School Temperature: 4.9 °C at Campus View Elementary Temperature: 4.9 °C at Lansdowne Middle School Temperature: 1.8 °C at Cal Revelle Nature Sanctuary Temperature: 5.3 °C at Craigflower Elementary School Temperature: 4.9 °C at Quadra Elementary School Temperature: 5.6 °C at Braefoot Elementary School Temperature: 4.7 °C at Arbutus Middle School Temperature: 4.9 °C at Central Middle School Temperature: 5.0 °C at Colquitz Middle School Temperature: 5.3 °C at McKenzie Elementary School Temperature: 2.7 °C at Shawnigan Lake Museum Temperature: 5.4 °C at Ecole Victor-Brodeur Temperature: 3.2 °C at Happy Valley Elementary School Temperature: 3.5 °C at East Highlands District Firehall Temperature: 2.3 °C at West Highlands District Firehall Temperature: 5.3 °C at John Stubbs Memorial School Temperature: 0.4 °C at Shawnigan Lake Temperature: 4.8 °C at Swan Lake Nature House Temperature: 4.6 °C at UVic Science Building Temperature: 4.7 °C at UVic David Turpin Building Temperature: 2.4 °C at Lighthouse Christian Academy Temperature: 4.9 °C at St. Michaels University School Senior Campus Temperature: 3.1 °C at RASC Victoria Centre Temperature: 5.3 °C at Trial Island Lightstation Temperature: 5.0 °C at St Joseph's Elementary School Temperature: 5.4 °C at Royal Victoria Yacht Club Temperature: 4.4 °C at Elk Lake Rowing Club

School-Based Weather Station Network

Greater Victoria

This figure shows current observations at all stations in Victoria.
Temperature at our weather stations (55/158). Other variables can be found on our two-dimensional plot page. See Victoria, Saanich Peninsula, West Shore, Gulf Islands, Greater Victoria. A large version of the temperature map is also available. See also: NanaimoWeather.ca, IslandWeather.ca.

Stations in the Network

Shoreline Middle School
No current data available.

Select a different location.

All Stations, One Variable

See plots for a single variable at all of the stations in the network.

Recent Observations

See a graphical summary of the latest observations across the entire network.

Now storing at least 10 874 745 124 observations.

Science Building Camera

Forest fire danger class rating

Today (so far)

Temperature (°C) -4.8 0.8 6.6
Humidity (%) 0.0 72.9 100.0
Pressure (hPa) 964.4 1007.6 1020.8
Wind Speed (km/hr) 0.0 5.8 99.5
Wind Gust (km/hr) 1.6 14.7 109.4
Total Rain (mm) 0.0 0.6 19.3
Insolation (W/m^2) 0.0 35.7 1775.0


Temperature (°C) -4.4 1.5 4.8
Humidity (%) 0.0 66.3 100.0
Pressure (hPa) 901.2 1011.8 1040.1
Wind Speed (km/hr) 0.0 2.9 37.6
Wind Gust (km/hr) 1.6 8.0 46.7
Total Rain (mm) 0.0 0.2 5.1
Insolation (W/m^2) 0.0 68.4 1775.0

These values include observations from all stations in the network. Low is the smallest value recorded; high is the largest value; average is the average of all values at all times for the day.

Environment Canada provides today's Almanac for the Victoria International Airport.

Contact information

For further information or data inquiries please contact us at weather@uvic.ca. If you find a problem or have a question about the site please be sure to send the relevant site and page address (the URL from your browser's address bar). Also include a screen capture image if you can so that we can see what you are seeing.

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