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Interesting Weather events as recorded by our Weather Station Network.

14 July, 2016Passage of a cold front.
25 February, 2014PKOLS (Mt Douglas) in Sun and Snow
12 February, 2014Warm front seen at Gordon Head Middle School.
24 September, 2013Sharp front at Bamfield Marince Sciences Centre
08 January, 2013A warm front observed at Port Renfrew
19 February, 2012A Backing Wind
07 February, 2012Warm Front Cloud Progression
02 February, 2012Steady North Wind in Saanich
16 November, 2011A warm front.
03 March, 2011Cold Front Moves Across Vancouver Island
07 July, 2010Sea Breeze at Monterey Middle School
16 April, 2009Cooling at Night
23 June, 2006Sea Breeze
27 February, 2006Passage of a warm front
30 June, 2005Extreme Temperature Difference
02 February, 2005Tree Shadow
18 June, 2004Two Cold Fronts
27 April, 2004Cold Front
09 March, 2004The Effect of clouds on Temperature
13 December, 2003Waves or eddies?
28 October, 2003Warm front? Or maybe not.
16 October, 2003Lots of rain.
06 June, 2003Heat Wave!
31 December, 2002The core of an anticyclone passes over us, twice!
07 November, 2002A Warm Front passes over the lab
09 June, 2002A beautiful day in Victoria
07 June, 2002Hail Falls on the ISC (again)
06 May, 2002Hail Falls on the ISC
14 April, 2002Passage of a Cold Front

We started building our city wide network June 2005. Before that we had only one or two stations.

The station with the longest record is the one located on the Ian Stewart Complex at UVic in Victoria, BC.

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