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03 December 2022

Field Interval Year MonthDayHour
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There are 0 stations reporting this hour. The table shows temperature in units of °C.

Name ID Count Minimum Average Standard

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Use this page to see observations for all reporting stations at a selected moment in time. You can see choose to see hourly or daily values.

Use the drop-down lists to set the variables for the field, year, month and day (and hour) you are interested in. The data will be loaded from the database and shown in a table on the page. It will also be written into text and CSV files and stored on the server for seven days. The links to these files are (will be) given in the table header.

Values are shown in the following columns: Station Name, Station ID Number, Count of Observations, Minimum, Average, Standard Deviation, Maximum. The period of observation is given at the top of the page (or output file). The arrows to the left and right of the table column headers allow you to sort the data in your preferred orders.

For the hourly values it is normal to have 60 observations. For the daily values, a complete record is 1440 observations. The normal sampling rate used by the weather stations in this project is once per minute. If there is no data available from a particular station it is not included in this table.

The files at the links provided in the table headers will not persist forever. You may need to reload the page to regenerated the files on the server. The text version of the data is column ordered ASCII and the CSV is a Comma Separated Value file that should load into most spreadsheets.

The locations of stations are available from an XML file.

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